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Conservatives continue to deliver in 2014

Jeremy Lefroy was elected as your Stafford MP in 2010, and still in 2014 he along with the Borough and County Council are delivering results.  Conservative leadership has brought Stafford out of its recession and is slowly but surely turning it into to a thriving prosperous town. 

Responding to the TSA Consultation

We urge members of the public to respond to the TSA consultation regarding Stafford Hospital. The following are suggested points which you may like to include in your response:

Have your say on the number of Cllr's that we need

You may be aware that there is to be an imminent electoral review of Stafford Borough Council - the result of which will mean a reduction in councillor numbers.. However this should not affect the efficiency of the Council - on the contrary with the resulting reduction in expenditure it should enable things to be more cost effective.The Local Government Boundary Commission are inviting people to have their say.

Join the 2015 Election Team

In 2010 Jeremy Lefroy led the Stafford Conservative Association to our first General Election victory since 1992.  Jeremy has since gone on to help deliver results in Stafford; we now have the lowest unemployment in Stafford Constituency since 2008, we have a Conservative controlled Borough Council which is helping to attract investment into our town and neighbouring villages and a Conservative controlled County Council that delivers the lowest County Council tax in the country.  If you want to keep investment in Stafford and banish the memories of Labour neglect of our wonderful community - than get involved!

Let Britain Decide

It has been nearly 40 years since the British people last had their say on Europe. In that time, so much has changed - the countries involved, the powers devolved, the benefits and costs of membership. People feel that the EU is heading in a direction they never signed up for. It is right to negotiate a fresh settlement in the EU that is better for Britain - and then put the result to the British people in an in-out referendum by the end of 2017. 


 Giving all Staffordshire schoolchildren “free” school meals would cost ordinary taxpayers in Stafford ten per cent more, Conservative county council candidates warned this week. Council tax bills would have to rise to pay for this extravagant spending promise alone – adding £104 a year to the bill for a Band D home.

Theresa May helps launch the Conservative Campaign in Stafford

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary since 2010 helped launch the Conservative Manifesto in Stafford today. Joined by Jeremy Lefroy MP for Stafford she praised the work of the Conservative councillors since 2009 for delivering value for money and managing to deliver the lowest County Council tax in the country.

Mike Heenan pays tribute to Mrs Thatcher

STAFFORD Borough Council leader Mike Heenan said Margaret Thatcher would be remembered as one of the dominant forces of British politics in the 20thCentury.

Labour's Pledges are simply BONKERS!

Labour launched their Manifesto headlining on Free School Meals for all and a Council Tax freeze.  Labour haven’t learnt the lessons on the economy, they spend money they haven’t got and then some.What vital services would Labour cut to fund this pledge.  Children Services, domiciliary care, residential care, libraries, road maintenance, gritting, infrastructure for our economy?These Labour pledges come to a total cost to the taxpayer of £180m, much more than the £133m Conservatives have saved over the past 4 years and still delivering vital services.

Council Tax Cut

WE PROMISED & WE DELIVERED!Conservative controlled Staffordshire County Council announced that they are cutting their share of the council tax for the coming year from April. The County Council will be cutting council tax for 2013/14 by 0.1%.  The cut follows a freeze in council tax for the last two years in Staffordshire. Since taking control of the County Council in 2009, the Conservative controlling group have only raised council tax once, in 2009 by 1.4%, compared with an average annual increase of 6.5% over the previous ten years by the Labour Party.