Council Tax Cut

Conservative controlled Staffordshire County Council announced that they are cutting their share of the council tax for the coming year from April.


The County Council will be cutting council tax for 2013/14 by 0.1%.  The cut follows a freeze in council tax for the last two years in Staffordshire. Since taking control of the County Council in 2009, the Conservative controlling group have only raised council tax once, in 2009 by 1.4%, compared with an average annual increase of 6.5% over the previous ten years by the Labour Party. This has been done by cutting waste and red tape in order to protect vital services throughout the county. Through such measures, council tax has been frozen for three years and all debt left by the Labour party has been eradicated.


When the Conservative Party took control in 2009, we found spending completely out of control. Over twelve years, the Labour council had increased council tax annually, practically doubling it. Since the Conservatives took power however, this has been reversed and new investment has been brought into Stafford. Our top priority is economic growth and providing you with the best services for your money.


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