Jeremy Lefroy MP: Landmark step in childcare support for parents

Jeremy Lefroy has today welcomed the landmark announcement to introduce tax-free childcare which, when fully implemented, will be worth up to £1,200 every year, for each child under age 12 and could benefit 2.5 million families. 

From Autumn 2015, the Government will meet 20 per cent of childcare costs for working families and so will save a typical working family with two children under 12 up to £2,400 a year.

From the first year of operation, all children under 5 will be eligible, initially opening the scheme to 1.3 million families, and the scheme will build up over time to include children under 12.

Jeremy commented: 

“This is a landmark announcement for parents in the Stafford Constituency, which will deliver meaningful support with the cost of childcare. It really shows that Conservatives in Government are committed to helping families make ends meet, and support parents back into work.”

The Prime Minister said: 

"If Britain is going to succeed in the global race we must help those who work hard and want to get on.  

"Too many families find paying for childcare tough and are often stopped from working the hours they'd like. That is why we are introducing tax free-childcare, saving a typical family with two children up to £2,400 a year.  

"This is a boost direct to the pockets of hard-working families in what will be one of the biggest measures ever introduced to help parents with childcare costs.”