Labour's Pledges are simply BONKERS!

"Labour launched their Manifesto headlining on Free School Meals for all and a Council Tax freeze.


Labour haven’t learnt the lessons on the economy, they spend money they haven’t got and then some.


Labour’s Free School Meal pledge will cost the County taxpayer £30m a year.

The total cost of school meals for all children is £43m a year. The county council provides meals for 100,000 children a day at a cost of £2.10 per primary child and £2.20 per secondary child and receives £13.5m a year as Free School Meal or parental contributions.

Labour’s pledge does not help the families receiving Free School Meals at all and in fact it gives people on £100k a year free school meals when they can afford to pay.

Why should the hard pressed taxpayer fund this?

Which vital service would Labour cut to fund Free School Meals?


Conservatives have delivered the lowest county council tax in the land at £1027.25 for a Band D.

Labour pledge to freeze Council Tax would cost a cumulative £60m over 4 years without identifying any future savings.

2% is equal to £6m a year and is a loss to the future tax base in the years ahead.

Remember council staff have not had a pay rise for 3 years either.

What vital services would Labour cut to fund this pledge.

Children Services, domiciliary care, residential care, libraries, road maintenance, gritting, infrastructure for our economy?


These Labour pledges come to a total cost to the taxpayer of £180m, much more than the £133m Conservatives have saved over the past 4 years and still delivering vital services."