Stafford Conservative Association gives its backing to Matthew Ellis -PPC Candidate


Matthew Ellis is Staffordshire's Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate. The election will be held on 15th November, the first time Staffordshire residents will elect a Police and Crime Commissioner.


Matthew Ellis pledges to always put individuals' safety first by taking actions on crime and anti social behaviour. He has set his priorities in order to endure the safety of individuals, families and their communities.


His priorities are:

1. Police officers should be police officers, not stuck behind desks.

2. Move resources from detecting crime to preventing it.

3. Treat victims of crime as people, not just a number.

4. Tougher treatment of prolific offenders.

5. Crack down on anti social drinking and behaviour.

6. Fast and open justice, including mobile courts in city and town centres.

We are supporting Matthew Ellis in his election; his pledges will create a safer community and better standards of policing,

Attached to this page is a postal vote form. Please print it off and vote in this election. Every vote will count, so please make sure you do so.


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