What being member of the local Conservative party means, and why should people get involved with local politics?

Why Become a Member of the Local Conservative Party?

Becoming a member of Stafford Conservative Association provides you with the opportunity to vote for Conservative representatives at local, national and European levels - including party leadership elections. You can also have the opportunity to join us at conference, watching key note speeches, attending political socials and fringe events.

In terms of the local Association, becoming a member will mean that you will be informed of Association updates, invited to association events and given the opportunity to stand for elected offices.

It provides the opportunity to meet like minded friends, to help the party win elections and to make changes within the local community which you wish to see.


Why get involved in local politics?

The local party is the lifeboat of the national party. Local support is vital when fighting an election and local involvement is key when finding out about local policies. Getting involved allows you to make the changes you wish to see in the local area. You can help individuals and communities within the constituency. The local party rests upon the generous time and effort put in by our volunteers. There are many different ways to get involved locally, you can join our campaigning team, help with leafleting, volunteer within the association or become a councillor.