About Us

Stafford Conservative Association is a modern forward-looking Association of like-minded people from all walks of life with a common belief that their country should be run by a Conservative government. The Association has an elected Executive Committee, which looks after the administration of the Association, as well as Campaigning, Social and Political events. 
As well as the political work carried out by the Association there are many and varied social functions organised by the Executive Committee. Details of these can be found on our events page.
We are, above all, a campaigning organisation dedicated to fighting for a better deal for the communities that form the Stafford Parliamentary Constituency. We work all year round, on issues that affect these communities.  Campaigning for better local services, and to protect them from closure.

This is what we believe in:

Freedom: Conservatives believe in less interference from the State - freedom for individuals, families, voluntary groups and businesses.  We do believe in society, it's just not the same thing as the state.
Enterprise: Conservatives want to keep taxes low and set businesses free from red tape to help Britain compete in the global economy but we will stand up to business when we have to.Responsibility: Conservatives stand for the rule of law and support for all members of our society.  We recognise our duty to protect the environment for future generations.
Nation: Conservatives want to safeguard the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, maintain strong defence and uphold our right to national self-government.  We don't believe in a country called Europe.