Why are the 2013 County Council Elections next May so important?

County Council elections are approaching. Voting at elections is normally done by one of three methods through the ballot box at the local polling station, by postal votes or by proxy.

The Conservatives have run the County Council since 2009. Since then council tax has had a 3 year freeze, meaning your household budget can go further. Stafford County Council was the first county to set a 0% rise in council tax. We have made the County Council increasingly efficient, making cost reductions that will not effect front line services.

Since 2009 local highways have seen continuous improvement due to a £30m investment program. Staffordshire already exceeds the national average for gritting, averaging at 43% of the county's roads gritted, in comparison to a 25% national average. By planning ahead and investing in long term repairs, we would like to see even more improvements in our road surfaces throughout the year.

The County Council has also driven an agenda to decrease crime and anti social behaviour in the local area. The main focus of which has been on the countywide Community Safety Board were your local councils, fire service and health service come together. Since the implimentation of this project personal robery has now decreased by 32%, violence with injury by 13% and domestic burglary by 7%. This is a project which requires continuous support from a Conservative lead council.

On top of these achievements, the Conservative run council has produced free travel for the over 60's and a young persons travel card which is now nationally recognised. The council has also strived to improve services to your local library.

The 2013 County Council elections are vital if this good work is to continue. Please ensure that you cast your vote  next May as every vote counts.